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August, 2009

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement has added the Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program to our selection of individualized therapies. The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program is a structured, multi-sensory program specifically designed to improve speech intelligibility for children with Apraxia of Speech and Developmental Phonological Disorders.

April, 2009

Lynn Carahaly, M.A., CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist at The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement, was recently interviewed on attention and auditory processing disorders by an ABC affiliate.
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April, 2009

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement has been selected by the EARLY (Early Accent on Reading and Learning for Young Children) program to assist in the administration of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-4) to preschoolers in Grand Rapids schools. The EARLY program is a collaboration of Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids Public Schools and Michigan Family Resources (Head Start), and is funded by an Early Reading First Program grant.

April, 2008

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement has added Cogmed Working Memory Training to our selection of programs. Cogmed is clinically proven to help children and adults with attention deficits, and is only available through approved providers.

February, 2008

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement has been selected to participate in the data collection for a new (3rd) version of the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-III). The Psychological Corporation is coordinating this process. The WIAT-II (the current version) is widely respected among professionals for its ability to assist in the assessment and measurement of achievement skills, diagnosis of learning disabilities, special education and IEP program planning, and other appraisals for preschool children through adults. The WIAT-II is the only achievement battery currently linked with the WISC-IV, WPPSI-III and WAIS-III, the most widely used intellectual ability tests. We are honored to have been chosen to participate in the collection of data for the upcoming version.

December, 2007

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement is pleased to announce that we are now providing services at the Behavioral Resources and Institute for Neuropsychological Services (BRAINS) facility in Grand Rapids, as well as at our original location in Richland, Kalamazoo County. Like The Alcott Center, BRAINS is dedicated to helping children maximize their potential for success. For more information on BRAINS, LLP, see

December, 2007

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement is now offering a complete Comprehensive Assessment and follow-up consultation/program recommendation for a flat fee. For more information on the Comprehensive Assessment, see Testing.

May, 2007

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement has recently added The Listening Program® (TLP) to our Auditory Intervention offerings. The Alcott Center is a TLP Certified Provider - Bone Conduction. This is the highest certification level for The Listening Program.

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