Master the Code

Teacher in Classroom with Students

Master the Code is a revolutionary "Sound to Code" reading and spelling program modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned. The program teaches reading and spelling concurrently through techniques that train students to accurately recognize letters and letter combinations, and the corresponding sounds of speech.

MTC works in conjunction with PACE to enhance attention, memory, auditory an analysis, processing speed, sound blending and segmenting, visualization, and working memory.

To handle the complex logic of our alphabet, a student must master each level of complexity in carefully sequenced steps. To facilitate this, MTC starts with blending, segmenting, and sound analysis. Practice is provided in segmenting words into isolated phonemes and blending isolated sounds into words. Encoding (spelling), decoding (reading), and writing exercises are used so the reversibility of the code is made clear. Some students struggle to correctly pronounce and differentiate between all sounds of Standard English, and receive more direct instruction at a sensory level about how parts of the mouth interact to form individual sounds.

MTC teaches reading and spelling concurrently through techniques that train students to accurately recognize and understand that letters and letter combinations stand for specific sounds of speech. The program can provide an incredible foundation for those students just learning to read. It also aids individuals of all ages who struggle with reading difficulties, and is especially beneficial for student-readers who might have developed inefficient or inaccurate reading habits (like guessing words by looking at parts of the word or sentence). The versatility of MTC can give a first grader a reliable reading system for life, and it can completely rebuild the faulty system of a lifelong struggling reader.

Meet the Founders

Lynn Carahaly, M.A., CCC-SLP and Vince Carahaly, B.S., are the professionals at The Alcott Center, headquartered in Richland, Michigan. Specific information regarding The Alcott Center and programming considerations are located throughout this website. Please send all inquiries to the address/email provided. Learn More

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