Learning EarsTM

Learning Ears is an advanced auditory stimulation and training program that incorporates an auditory intervention program such as The Listening Program or Samonas Sound Therapy with specific lessons in ear-voice training.

The music/sound stimulation and audio-vocal training of the Learning Ears program move the learner from hearing to listening.

This retraining of the auditory system in the brain can have a dramatic effect on:

  • Auditory attention
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Sensory integration

Through the ear-voice exercises, the learner's voice becomes the ongoing stimulus for the auditory system. The learner develops the ability to monitor his/her own speech, communication, and decoding (for reading). This increases accuracy and self-correction.

Learning Ears can be administered as a home-based, clinic-based, or school-based program. It is a structured 20 week program that is guided by a certified Learning Ears practitioner. The Learning Ears program meets the criteria for No Child Left Behind.

Auditory Intervention Programs

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