Information for Parents about The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement


Comprehensive Assessment

We charge a flat fee for our Comprehensive Assessment which includes testing, scoring and analysis of results, review of any outside evaluations or information you provide, full report, results consultation, and program recommendations. Please call our Program Manager for more information.


Consultations are available to review the history, records, prior assessments, family concerns, etc. and recommendations for possible assessment and treatment options. These are included as part of the the Comprehensive Assessment. An hourly fee may be charged for consultations where a Comprehensive Assessment is not performed. Please contact our Program Manager for more information.

Program Cost

Because our services are customized to the individual needs of each child, program cost will vary. This is discussed at the time of your child results consultation.

Payment Terms

We require that payment be made at or before the time of service; we do not bill insurance companies directly (see below). We accept cash or check at time of service. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please contact our Business Manager at least three days prior to the date of service to arrange for secure, online payment.


Clients are responsible to pay The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement, LLC, directly for all services; we do not direct-bill insurance companies. Should you choose to submit a claim to your insurance (on your own) we will gladly provide you with procedure and diagnosis codes or other necessary information to help you secure out-of-network benefits.

Long Distance Services

The Alcott Center for Cognitive Enhancement is able to provide home-based intervention programs nationwide, statewide, and citywide. Several of our programs do not require the child to physically come to our centers for therapy.

Programs can be implemented at home in conjunction with periodic phone consultations and support. We work with families across the country utilizing web-based programs and home programming designed by our professional team, Lynn Carahaly, M.A., CCC-SLP and Vince Carahaly, B.S., Program Director. Please contact us for more information.

Auditory Intervention Programs

Auditory Intervention is a series of therapeutic classical music and nature sounds designed to stimulate, re-educate and restore the vestibulocochlear pathways. It is recommended to modulate auditory sensation, promote better auditory filtering skills in the presence of background noise, and improve auditory discrimination skills. Learn More

The Alcott Center Auditory Intervention Programs