Auditory Intervention Programs

Auditory Intervention is a series of therapeutic classical music and nature sounds designed to stimulate, re-educate and restore the vestibulocochlear pathways. It is recommended to modulate auditory sensation, promote better auditory filtering skills in the presence of background noise, and improve auditory discrimination skills.

Well-modulated vestibular activity is very important for maintaining a calm, alert state. The vestibular system also keeps the level of arousal of the nervous system balanced. An under-active vestibular system contributes to distractibility because of the lack of its modulating influence.

An inefficient auditory system can inhibit the development of strong listening skills, literacy prerequisites, articulation skills, auditory attention, auditory memory and sensory integration.

An Auditory Intervention program is most effective when used in conjunction with therapy (i.e. Speech and/or Occupational Therapy) or programs currently in place. It is not recommended as a replacement for other therapies or medications that have been prescribed by a doctor.

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  • Samonas
  • The Listening Program

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